Here are all the stickers that I have recieved, most of these are common stickers.

  • M220 Park Lane
  • M218 Oxford Street
  • M216 Piccadilly
  • M214  Leicester Square
  • M213 Trafalgar Square
  • M212 Fleet Street
  • M210 Vine Street
  • M208 Bow Street
  • M223 Marylebone Station
  • M206 Whitehall
  • M205 Pall Mall
  • M202 The Angel Islington
  • M201 Whitechapel Road

We estimate that the rare stickers are:

  •  M221 Mayfair
  • M219 Bond Street
  • M215 Coventry Street
  • M211 Strand
  • M209 Marlborough Street
  • M207 Northumberland Avenue
  • M203 Euston Road
  • M200 Old Kent Road
  • M225 Liverpool Street Station

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